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Canary Islands, Span. Islas Canarias, group of seven islands (1990 pop. 1,589,403), 2,808 sq mi (7,273 sq km), autonomous region of Spain, within the Atlantic Ocean off Western Sahara. They constitute two provinces of Spain. Santa Cruz de Tenerife (1990 pop. 770,627), 1,239 sq mi (3,209 sq kilometer), includes Tenerife, Palma, Gomera, and Hierro. Las Palmas (1990 pop. 818,776), 1,569 sq mi (4,064 sq kilometer), includes Grand Canary, Lanzarote, and Fuerteventura. Fuerteventura is 67 mi (108 kilometer) from the African shore. The islands, of volcanic beginning, are rugged Mt. Teide (12,162 ft/3,707 m) may be the highest point in Spain.

hd parque cristÓbal gran canaria in playa del inglésWine ended up being the export that is main of Canaries before the grape blight of 1853 its place had been taken by cochineal until aniline dyes came into basic usage. Today the exports that are leading bananas, sugarcane, tomatoes, potatoes, and tobacco, which are grown where irrigation can be done. There was fishing on the open seas, therefore the Canaries, making use of their subtropical weather and fine beaches, have become a tourist center that is major. An oil refinery and other large-scale industries are located at Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
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6-year-old María is one of the several thousand children into the Canaries that are no more able to buy meal at her general public college. She and her parents are experiencing an unimaginable road to poverty that is now alarmingly common to the Canaries’ perishing middle class: the islands’ alleged ‘new poor’.

María’s mom, Carolina (39), spent some time working being an assistant that is administrative the island of Gran Canaria for the last thirteen years. Such as the other 10,000 businesses in the islands which have power down throughout the crisis, her employer’s business is now in the process of shutting store. It’s been months since Carolina final received her 790 euro salary that is monthly full. Her final paycheck came in April, only days before her business filed for voluntary bankruptcy, and all sorts of she received was 50 % of her income. To make matters worse, her husband, Francisco (41), an sales that are unemployed, has simply exhausted his jobless benefits. Currently, their means that are only pay bills are Carolina´s mother and siblings.

"My mother life on a small retirement, and my brothers have problems of the very own, but without their assistance we would not be able to consume," Carolina explains. "It is all very difficult now. Our situation seems to worsen by the and it is very annoying to spend money on transportation to go to work without knowing whenever I’ll receive money. day" Carolina, such as the other 200 workers at her workplace, hopes that her company´s appropriate ordeal will pass quickly and they gets severance and unemployment benefits without too much wait. "That way at least I´ll have the ability to spending some time looking for a job that is new" she explains.

For their part, Francisco continues their now two-year job search that is long. He claims he has delivered hundreds of cv’s and that locating a job and looking after their child at home was their only career.



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