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Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel
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LONDON - An industry spokesman for Germany's small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) believes that a "hard" Brexit which pulls Britain out of the single market "would harm both sides."

BVMW President Mario Ohoven, whose trade group represents over 250,000 German SMEs, told the BBC
that negotiations should be "guided by economic sense and not by political ideologues."

The remarks strike a different tone to other German politicians, who have insisted that Britain cannot have full single market access unless it retains the EU's freedom of movement policy - something Prime Minister Theresa May has ruled out.

Ohoven said that keeping Britain in the single market was vital to maintain the close trade links between the two countries.

"Germany exported goods worth �89 billion (�76 billion) to the UK alone in 2015 - almost half of it was exported by 150,000 German SMEs," he said.

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