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Erectile dysfunction or erectile dysfunction

Many men are very insecure when their sex life is affected by erectile dysfunction. You and the doctors then often look for a psychological cause. In fact, stuck to eighty percent organic reasons behind it. Hypertension and atherosclerosis are the most common side effects; addition also diabetes and neurological disorders. called erectile dysfunction, also impotence or erectile dysfunction, or impotence, is an important warning sign of serious diseases such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes mellitus. Therefore, men who develop any repeated failure over 6 weeks, should be promptly make a health Examine Recalling the existing erectile dysfunction.

Here the abdominal fat plays a very big role. In adipose tissue, an enzyme for conversion of the hormone testosterone is responsible in the female estrogen. Who additionally due to lack of exercise and / or an unhealthy lifestyle increased waist circumference has, therefore not only affects their health in general, but also his sexuality.

Every man has undergone in the course of his life one or more episodes of failure or fear of failure, of the symptom of the disease is called but only if for satisfactory sexual intercourse permanently (> 6 months) can be achieved and maintained sufficient erection. If the media reports another: the age, the potency is declining, but remains quite.

Tadalafil is usually a pill that is certainly helpful to address impotence problems with adult men. This can be a pill that want, we have to buy a little while. It helps to keep a male for getting a building next to the event as a few hours before sexual intercourse. Tadalafil is not to protect the affected Particular person by STDs. The item is in prescription drugs to be taken into account by means of a drug safety. Tadalafil pills can often manufacture other types of types maximum daily dose of accutane drugs.

Erectile dysfunction or erectile dysfunction occurs in about every second man over forty years to at least temporarily. The proportion of men with impotence increases with age. But men under forty may be affected by erectile dysfunction. The erectile impotence can reduce both the quality of life and well-being of the affected man, as also burden the partnership.

PDE5 inhibitor also support the healing of nerve damage as after prostate surgery. This is not sufficient or does not recover the nerve, there is still treatment options, such as the self-injection of vasodilators (cavernous autoinjector therapy SKIT). Such substances may also be administered alternatively via the urethra. Without drugs can vacuum pumps produce a satisfactory erection and in cases where this does not lead to success, prosthesis can be implanted in the corpora cavernosa.

If it does not work anymore in bed, suffering especially the psyche. This intensified the problem - because often stress and fears are to blame for the power breakdown. Mostly, however, there is a physical cause. But there are effective aids. Vaginismus, which leads to the narrowing of the vagina and makes the penetration of the penis is painful or impossible.

The easiest and fastest way to treat erectile dysfunction, is to be prescribed a potency enhancing agent. Known means are for example Viagra, Levitra or Cialis - are known mainly from spam emails, however be developed by well-known pharmaceutical companies and can be prescribed by the doctor.

Every 2nd man over 60 and every 12th man over forty suffers from erectile dysfunction. With increasing age this fairy increases, BUT most men, the erectile dysfunction to be helped to get a grip. eighty% of men resort to drugs. Injury of the cavernous or the penis can cause the member during sexual arousal is not stiff.

The veins blutabführenden be stowed there. In impotent men the erectile tissue by the veins expands in consequence of a GMP deficiency not so far that are compressed. This allows the blood flow out quickly. Not all urologists have sufficient knowledge and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction.



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