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The Canarian Parliament in Santa Cruz

Below that, each individual area has its very own Cabildo, or Town Hall, with yet another President in control. One feature among these reduced echelons of Spanish federal government is as they see fit that they are given a large budget by Central Government, to spend. These Cabildos are a definite sort of Town Council, however with considerably more power.

The Cabildo de Tenerife, or Council of Tenerife, is housed in the Palacio Insular, or Island Palace, into the Plaza de España in Santa Cruz.

The Council was founded as long ago as 1913 and, after being based at different areas over time, wound up at its current website in 1940. The military commander-in-chief at the time had his eye on the new building to use for military administration, so the Council had to move swiftly to claim occupancy as there was a world war in progress. However, they still had to fairly share the premises with several other official divisions, including, for a while, the Inland income!

1. The Islands that is canary archipelago of seven main islands and six islets situated from the west coast of Africa — certainly are a part of Spain.

2. During the Middle Ages, the Canaries were explored by the Phoenicians, the Greeks, and also the Carthaginians but it was the Romans who known as the islands: Nivaria (Tenerife), Canaria (Gran Canaria), Pluvialia (Lanzarote), Ombrion (Los Angeles Palma), Planasia (Fuerteventura), Iunonia (El Hierro) and Capraria (La Gomera).

3. Tenerife may be the largest and most island that is populous of Canaries. Fuerteventura could be the second largest Canary Island by area, while Gran Canaria gets the second population that is highest.

4. As soon as the Europeans started initially to explore the Canaries during the Middle Ages, they encountered people that are indigenous. Referred to as Guanches, the Berber-related aboriginal inhabitants associated with Canary Islands are believed to possess migrated towards the archipelago around 1000 BC or previous.
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Immigration from Africa along with other areas of the entire world has changed the Canaries’ population landscape drastically in the last ten years and it has forced the islands to reassess the continent to their relationship. The islands have made cooperation with Africa a major priority, investing around €17 million in education, health and infrastructure in Africa, especially in transport and communication links with the continent over the past 10 years.

The past few years also have seen a challenge between intense development and concerted efforts to preserve the islands’ natural resources and beauty. Governmental groups, islanders and ecologists come in constant talks concerning the simplest way to combine the archipelago’s reliance upon tourism, plus the perceived requirement for more resorts, ports and tennis courses, utilizing the pushing need to conserve water resources, combat marine pollution and prevent development from infringing on the plants and creatures which have made the islands a nature lover’s utopia.



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