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My hubby came later in the week to get more of his possessions. I asked him if he discovered a woman. He didn't answer me but it was obvious that he had found someone else. So had I. Kevin was arriving across most evenings. I really like to have on all fours for the own son. He'll place his hands on his buttocks and put in from behind.

I can never tell Kevin that but his penis feels much better compared to his father's. I have taken to begging Kevin for his fat cock. Once I do beg that he will slip it into me. I really do love having that huge prick inside my abdomen. I discovered that having a younger fan means he could cum in me nearly every moment.

We just must be discreet with our love. I am hoping that my son will want me to get the long run because I find I can't live with my kid's prick.



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